SCALA ASSISTANCE benefits from a multinational presence, continually invests in the development of its sales network, retail and corporate, and is concerned with diversifying the services according to the needs of its customers.

The bridge toll distribution activity of our company is authorized by the National Company of Administration of Road Infrastructure (C.N.A.I.R. S.A.) by Contract no. 92/32051 din 30.05.2016.

The selling of bridge tolls is made through the following sales channels:

  • services provided by the website;
  • own corporate sales division;
  • a wide range of strategic partnerships.


The basic principles of our company are focused on delivering quality services to the smallest details, on prompt responsibility towards client demands, on assuming the commitments regarding bridge toll delivery and a continuous improvement of the quality of services.

Among our clients there are leading companies in the field of transport, but also in many other fields. This development was made possible due to the methods, the strategy adopted and the streamlined ordering procedure.

Having available a competitive management system, based on the involvement of the entire team, we successfully respond to the high demands of our customers and honor undertaken commitments in an efficient, transparent and flexible manner.

Our policy focuses on stated activities, on carrying them out in the spirit of continuous improvement, on developing a  working procedure to meet the requirements of our customers.

We apply the anticipatory strategy. By it we can determine future market developments and strategic decisions.

Our company values are:

  RESPECT - towards employees, customers, suppliers, investors;
  INTEGRITY - we behave with honesty and seek to achieve professional and ethical standards as high as possible;
  RESPONSIBILITY – we build reliable and responsible relations with all our customers and suppliers, so as to meet their needs and demands;
  EXCELLENCE - we constantly strive for performance and quality through: permanent education and professional development, customer satisfaction, innovation, teamwork.


The motto of of our company is "Simplify your way!" because we believe that, through the services we provide to our customers and companies with which we collaborate, we succeed to simplify processes related to the acquisition and management of  the road tolls.